Brother and sister struggle 3rd grade students SMA / MA and vocational schools in the National Examination had been finished, we hope Adinda all passed with good results. This does not mean you are complacent because the task is still a lot of them are following the Selection Sign SNMPTN 2010 Public Universities in the form of national nature of the candidate selection of new students together at the national level under the coordination of the Director General of Higher Education Department of National Education Republic of Indonesia. This information also applies to high school and an equal Alumni Graduates of 2009 and 2008.

Implementation Runway

Minister of National Education Decree No. 006 of 2008 on Guidelines on Admission of New Candidate State Universities and Regulation of the Director General of Higher Education Department of Education No.18/DIKTI/Kep/2008 dated March 28, 2008 on the National Selection Sign in Higher Education Affairs, The Rector State University under the coordination of the Director General of Higher Education Department of Education held a selection of new students together at the national level in the form of the National Selection Sign in Higher Education Affairs (SNMPTN).

Based on the results of meetings of State Council of Higher Education Chancellor Indonesia in Denpasar on October 30, 2009, 2010 SNMPTN implemented under the coordination and responsibilities of the Council of Rectors of State University of Indonesia (MRPTNI). SNMPTN is the only selection patterns conducted jointly by the State Universities in one integrated system using about the same or equivalent and be held simultaneously.

General Guidelines


1. Selection
1. Passed Exam Education Unit and the National Examination SMA / MA / SMK / MAK or the equivalent in 2008, 2009 and 2010.
2. Healthy
3. Not color blind for specific courses.

2. Acceptance
Passed Exam Education Unit and the National Examination, graduating in 2010 SNMPTN, healthy and fulfilling other requirements specified by PTN each recipient.

How to Register

SNMPTN registration mode by candidates participating online via the internet from anywhere.

Cross Region

Examinees can choose the program in each state university studies outside the region where the participants take exams. Examination site does not constitute acceptance criteria, so that examinees do not have to take exams at the Higher Education Study Program or the State who became his choice. Participants can choose the desired location of the exam.

Type of Exam

Written Exam:

1. Academic Potential Test (TPA).
2. Field Tests Predictive Studies (Tbsp):
1. Field Tests of Basic Studies Basic Mathematics exams, Indonesian, and English.
2. Field tests consisted of eye IPA study Maths, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.
3. Social Studies Field tests consisted of eye exams Sociology, History, Geography, and Economics.

Skills exams for some courses.

Organisation Skills Tests

Examinees who choose the course Sport and / or art skills are required to follow the exam. Exam Skills Participants can take exams at the State University Exam Skills organizers have the closest similar study program study program at the State University who became his choice.

Exam Schedule

Writing Exam

* Wednesday, June 16, 2010:
o Test of Academic Potential
o Basic Studies Field Test

* Thursday, June 17, 2010:
o Test Area Science Studies
o Social Studies Field Test

Exam Skills
Skills tests conducted on 18 and June 19, 2010.

Weighting of Exam Results

# Program Study Skills Test is not conducted, the proportion of the qualification are as follows:

1. Academic Potential Test (TPA): 30%
2. Field Tests Predictive Studies (Tbsp): 70%

Studies Program who entered Skills Test, the proportion of the qualification are as follows:

1. Landfill & Tbsp: 50%
2. Exam Skills: 50%

Assessment Test Results

Assessment of results of examinations using the following conditions:

Correct Answer: + 4
Answer FALSE: - 1
No Answer: 0

Each eye exam will be graded based on their rank on a scale of zero to a hundred before the aggregated value. Therefore, every eye exam should be done as possible and nothing is overlooked.

Trials Group

SNMPTN participants divided into 3 groups:

1. Trials Group IPA
2. Group IPS Exam
3. Trials Group of the IPC (a mixture of IPA and IPS)

Each participant can follow the science exam, IPS or the IPC does not have to fit with the major SMA / MA / SMK / MAK concerned.

Group Study Program and Total Options

1. Study Programs in Public Universities are divided into two groups: group study program in science and social studies.
2. Each group examinees IPA / IPS can select a maximum of two courses of study in accordance with the test group followed.
3. Each IPC group examinees can choose a maximum of three courses of study with a course record at least one group of science and one social studies course of study groups.
4. Ordering options Study Program is a priority choice.
Examinees who choose a course of study may choose courses from anywhere in PTN (across regions).
5. Examinees who chose two or more courses, one course of study should be a study program of the state university located in one area where participants take exams. Another choice could be a course of study outside the territory of PTN (across regions).
6. List of courses, the capacity of 2010 and the number of applicants in 2009 will be included in Participant Handbook that can be viewed at http://www.snmptn.ac.id

Exam Fee

1. Rp.150.000, 00 (One hundred and fifty thousand rupiah) per participant for groups of IPA or IPS Group.
2. Rp.175.000, 00 (One hundred and seventy-five thousand rupiah) per participant for the IPC group (IPA + IPS).
3. These costs are paid to Bank Mandiri. Costs already paid can not be withdrawn for any reason.
4. 150,000, - (One hundred and fifty thousand rupiah) per participant per exam paid upon the skills and exam skills of participants in the PTN operators.

Registration Mechanism

For graduates in 2008, 2009, and 2010 President of the National Examination online registration implemented on May 2, 2010 at 08.00 am and ended on May 31, 2010 at 16:00 pm. For graduates of year 2010 National Examination Deuteronomy implemented on June 10 at 08.00 am and ended on June 12, 2010 at 16:00 pm. For the years 2008 and 2009 graduates are encouraged to register on 2 - May 12, 2010
Online registration can be done from anywhere via the website http://www.snmptn.ac.id with the procedure as follows:

1. Prospective participants pay the examination fee at the date of 2 to 31 May 2010 by Counter / ATM / Internet Banking Bank Mandiri.

2. When making payment, applicants must enter the number of applicants identity card (KTP / SIM / Passport / Family Card) and select the desired test group (IPA / IPS / IPC). Especially for the use of passports as identity cards, payment can only be done through a window or Internet Banking.

3. After payment, applicants will receive proof of payment that contains: (a) Number of Identity potential participants, and (b) PIN SNMPTN all 16 characters.

CAUTION: Identity Number and PIN SNMPTN This is highly confidential and should not be disclosed to others. Consequences of neglect to maintain the confidentiality of the information is entirely the responsibility of the prospective participants.

4. Potential participants to register online (via Internet) by visiting the address and choose the menu http://www.snmptn.ac.id Registration. To make an online application, applicants should prepare:

1. Proof of payment.
2. Identity card that is used when making a payment.
3. Photocopy of diploma / graduation marks.
4. File size color photograph 4 x 6 cm (1 last month), JPG or PNG format, with a maximum size of 100 KB.

5. Prospective participants must Login by entering your ID and PIN Number SNMPTN stated in the proof of payment.

6. Prospective participants fill in (forms) online registration in accordance with the instructions correctly. All of the information contained in this Borang be true. Error / charging fraud in this Borang PTN resulted in the cancellation of the targeted revenue.

7. Prospective participants should save and print files Proof of Registration Cards online.

Tutorial registration procedures can be downloaded (download) on the website with the address http://www.snmptn.ac.id began on April 17, 2010.

Exam Results Announcement

Exam results announced on the website with the address of which can be accessed http://www.snmptn.ac.id on Saturday, July 17, 2010 starting at 00:00 pm.

Official Site

1. 2010 is the official website SNMPTN http://www.snmptn.ac.id SNMPTN Any information regarding accessible through the website.
2. Address of the Executive Committee in 2010 is SNMPTN Rectorate Building 2nd floor Campus IPB IPB Function, Bogor. Tel. (0251) 8622634, 8622635, Fax. (0251) 8622708, e-mail: panitia@snmptn.ac.id


SNMPTN Executive Committee reserves the right to change this information without prior notice.

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