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It is learned in school is not enough to fix the ability of students in pursuit of UN goals, students need to follow other learning activities such as additional tutoring. But this should not mean that additional activity is more trusted to meet students' needs for knowledge. And again in a good learning process does not focus only on training the questions, but ignoring the moral values of students who are also desperately needed.

So do reorienting the role of school seharusnyalah into a container that can re-educate children more intelligent, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. Tutoring institutions only act as complementary efforts of parents and students to become more intelligent, not as a main subject. And with the awareness that the business school product is not available to answer the demands of 'the market' (UN or SNMPTN), but the establishment of an integrated generation. The hope can restore public confidence to the school. So to help students we publish Problems for Preparation Exercises SNMPTN 2010.

That we conveyed was SNMPTN Exercise Problem Package I, and the second package that we launched soon. So frequent comes to Google this blog. :)

SNMPTN 2010 Exercise Problem - Package I

Download Tes Potensi Akademik (TPA) :

Basic Skills :

1. Download Matematika Dasar,

2. Download Bahasa Indonesia,

3. Download Bahasa Inggris

Science Ability :

1. Download Matematika IPA,

2. Download Fisika,

3. Download Kimia,

4. Download Biologi,

Social Science Ability :

1. Download Sejarah,

2. Download Geografi,

3. Download Ekonomi,

4. Download Sosiologi

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Important Information
National Selection Register Sign In Public Universities conducted online in 2010 was well received among schools, students, and college. This method is considered to be easier registration of new applicants. Nevertheless, students should be considered in isolated areas that are difficult to get internet access.

Yani Bayani, Vice Principal of Student SMAN 8 Jakarta, Tuesday (16/2/10), said with SNMPTN registration online, schools no longer need to coordinate student registration SNMPTN class III to the local committee.

"We've got information that about two weeks ago after information from one of the PTN. We have been informed that changes to the student. Actually, online registration to enter public universities has also been carried out on the entrance examination conducted independently of PTN," said Yani .

National Education Minister Mohammad Nuh in Makassar, South Sulawesi, Monday (15/2/10), explains, SNMPTN 2010 using the online system. Prospective students apply through the internet network, while the difficulties could use the help of an automatic telephone exchange (STO), PT Telkom, which spread across the country.

Iwan Hermawan, Vice Principal of SMAN 9 Bandung, say, every year usually SNMPTN committee announced the implementation of information on school enrollment. The school then coordinates the purchase of SNMPTN form to help students.

"With online registration, meaning that students will manage their own and do not bother. The school is happy alone. Moreover, for students are not heavy because there is no extra cost. But, what was important when changes are immediately communicated to the school," said Iwan.

Lutfi, third grade students at SMAN 12 Bandung, say, do not know how to change registration SNMPTN 2010. Currently, he is focusing on following the self-selection into public colleges and universities conducted in Bandung area.

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Fundamental changes of SNMPTN 2010 Test Problem

There are some fairly fundamental differences among SNMPTN 2008, with SNMPTN 2009 and 2010, two of which are type tests and the degree of difficulty about being tested. Type Tests

Types of testing are tested in SNMPTN 2010 there were some significant differences compared to type tests on SNMPTN 2008. The presence of an Academic Potential Test, ditiadakannya about the Integrated Science and Integrated IPS. In any IPS capabilities are added one new type of test that is Sociology. For more details, let us compare the types of tests in 2009 with the kind of test SNMPTN SNMPTN in 2008:

TEST TYPE SNMPTN 2009 and 2010

1. Academic Potential Test (TPA).
2nd. Field Tests Predictive Studies (Tbsp):
* The test consists of Basic Studies Basic Mathematics exams, Indonesian, and English.
* Test Area Science Studies consists of eye Maths, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.
* Social Studies Field Test consists of eye exams Sociology, History, Geography, and Economics.
3. Skills test for some courses.


* Test Quantitative Ability and Language Ability of Elementary Mathematics exams, Indonesian, and English.
* Ability Test consists of natural science subject Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Integrated Science
* Ability Test consists of eye exams IPS Integrated Social Science, History, Geography, and Economics.
* Skills Test for some courses.

Level of Difficulty Problem

When observing what is disclosed SNMPTN 2009 Committee Chairman Prof. Haris Supratno, about SNMPTN 2009 because the level of difficulty will be more difficult. This was possible because of the types of tests are called Test of Academic Potential and Field Tests Predictive Study. Questions that will be tested will not be the same as the previous SNMPTN matter.
We think (Tim snmptn.or.id) about the difficulty level will be higher than the national exam (UN).>

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Academic quality Main Entry requirements Participants PTN

Ministry of National Education (MONE) to ensure, academic quality is the most important requirement for prospective students to enter universities (PTN). Although the path is opened through a variety of selection, the ministry ensures: 90 percent more than the amount of PTN students will still get subsidies from the government.

"There is a minimum value so that participants can be accepted. No matter their background rich, poor, public school or private home. The rich do not necessarily acceptable, "said Director General of Higher Education (Directorate General of Higher Education) Education Ministry Fasli Jalal after officially opening the High School Teacher Training and Education (STKIP)'s National Awakening Foundation, in Jakarta, Tuesday (3 / 3).

He once dismissed the mere opening of various channels only candidate able to be profitable. "More importantly, when a state university entrance selection opens new students are still seeing the results of academic value," he said firmly.

Known, since the last few years, a number of state university students held a new national selection via two channels: National Selection Sign PTN (SNMPTN) and the Joint Entrance Examination (UMB). Meanwhile, they also were recruited through an independent examination in each PTN.

According Fasli, other than SNMPTN selection is very useful. Courses PMDK for example, can select the prospective students who excel, but problems hampered the fund. Or regional cooperation programs and industries synergizing local government support to sustain a potential student.

"The bottom line, not necessarily with SNMPTN prospective students who excel but hindered terkover all funds. Importantly, the managers pick the ball looking for qualified students, "he said.

Other admissions programs like Google's interest and ability (PMDK), Equal Opportunities Learning Program (PPKB), regional cooperation and industry and science Olympiad winners are also still running. Quota incoming freshmen through SNMPTN also known to fewer programs than other internal driveway from the PTN.

Earlier, the Rector of UI Gumilar Rusliwa Somatri denied taking financial advantage of selling a form of internal organization of the exam through the Selection Entry (See the UI). "Not true that we take advantage of selling a form of implementation of Check. Instead we lose, "he said recently.

Described, each selection into the UI designed specifically to recruit qualified candidates for UI students to study at the oldest university in Indonesia. "To See the UI-because we are preparing for about a year ago and involves experts in order to recruit talented students in the field," he said.

Qualified students, continue Gumilar, a nation of hope in the future and is also expected to support the state and nation, to build the civilization of the nation.

According Gumilar, participants who escaped into the UI via Check will not be differentiated tuition fees per semester with a pass into the UI via SNMPTN, UMB, and the path of achievement (for regular undergraduate).

Source: SNMPTN Information Website

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Welcome to Information SNMPTN 2010

This blog site or contains very important information for students who want to feel the sweetness of female students studying at universities Bench in the Republic of Indonesia.

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Steep road into Higher Education Favorites

Fatigue is implied in his face. Just this morning he set foot in the city of Bandung. Mother with her skinny physique overnight, it has been quite tiring journey from Cilacap to Bandung by using bus transportation. Objective one, registering their children to the Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB).

This year is special for the Mariana (40), mother's name. Because, the eldest son who became the pride of this family will be a student. Long time had a save, for the needs of his son entered college. For he was well aware of today's lecture there was nothing cheap.

His son will follow an integrated entrance exam (USMT), ITB. Plans to major in Chemical Engineering or Environmental Engineering. "Take the test now, they cost less compared with ITB exams in the region," he said.

If children come in, he is obliged to pay contributions of academic development funds (SDPA) is Rp 25 million. "It's not cheap, so I save a far-distant days in advance in order to facilitate a child's desire," he said.

Mariana was well aware about the consequences of the cost. This is not the first time he applied for his son. Previously, he also enrolled his son at the University of Gajah Mada (UGM) in Yogyakarta, but did not graduate.

Costs per semester are estimated at more than USD 2 million, was ready they guaranteed. "When in SMA Taruna Nusantara Magelang, every month I transfer Rp 2.5 million. So, for this class is not really much different," said Mariana.

Although unconfirmed received at ITB, at least she can relax. Cost of education is not a problem, because the savings are sufficient. In contrast to the image (18), a prospective student from Bandung. "I want to try to track scholarships for those who can not afford," he said.

Although he knew the opportunity to earn a scholarship was not large, but still try. For his father who was a technician, the cost of college in the tens of millions of rupiah, it is not affordable.

"If passed beasiswai not accepted, will participate SNMPTN (national selection into public universities).'ll Want to also try Unpad or UPI. All manner that can be reached should be pursued," said the girl who wanted the school in civil engineering.

Jenab (40) have yet another story. Until now, children have not bought a single registration form. He was still giddy. "Still searching for information. I've prepared a ten million rupiah, but I'm sure there will be a way for my child," said primary school teacher (elementary school) was.

He said the cost savings are not enough to enter through an independent examination was conducted in the PTN, as desires for her son. Hence, while applying for loans to state banks to be able to cover the costs involved.

Meanwhile, Rahman (45) craftsmen of traditional herbal origin Kab. Ciamis, created a headache for the money amounting to Rp 125 million. That much money, for an entrance fee to the Faculty of Medicine at the University Soedirman (General Soedirman) through special channels. "The plan to sell rice," he said.

SNMPTN for prospective students are like war. He had to scramble for PT college choice, with hundreds or even thousands of others. For the sake of ideals and a better life, the battle must be faced.

Not just a war for the prospective student, went to college was also a war for parents. Ideals for the sake of children, all can be cultivated. The hope, one day all that hard work will pay off with his son's success.


Although many routes are provided ITB. Every road taken containing the consequences of different cost. "People live to see his ability, want to go where the path," said Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB) Surahman Adang.

According to him, the people's choice should be tailored to individual ability. For those who have the ability, more able to use the expensive route. For those who just barely, can pass SNMPTN line with the risk of competition is very tight.

Adang not specify what that limit is available for each of the routes. However, he made sure the track would not alter the composition of the economic strata ITB students. According to him, the students are rich in ITB no more than 30%. While the middle class of about 40% and the number of poor students is estimated around 30%.

"To point a local revenue estimated at about 25% only, for the acceptance of integrated sedangkang approximately 35% only. The rest, through SNMPTN approximately 40%. This means the number of the rich around 30%, the rest are not accepted can follow another path. While SNMPTN intended for those who can not afford his chances 40%, greater than the number of poor students of the magnitude of about 30%. So, do not worry about quotas for the rich is not much, "he said.

Each year an average of ITB receive around three thousand students S-1. They are scattered in various progrom study or majors in college.

At the University of Padjadjaran (Padjadjaran University), Bandung, SNMPTN path is still a major revenue lines. "We still provide a quota of 55% of capacity, which exists to SNPTM and the remaining 45% we collect from SMUP. This year the quota was still like that," said Weny.

Nevertheless, comparisons can not be denied that such quotas still can not balance the number of registrants in each lane. In 2008 for example, the number of interested students on track SNMPTN Unpad more than than 50,000 people. While the existing capacity of only 3795. While SMUP capacity of 3176 only 17,271 people contested registrant. That is, the opportunity to enter SNMPTN Unpad through 1:13 and 1:5 for SMUP.

Rector of the University of Indonesia (UI), Prof.. Dr. Gumilar Rusliwa Soemantri said, at this year's UI will receive five thousand students. Acceptance process, through various channels integrated reception system, interest and talent search path, the path of cooperation and other areas.

The main point of emphasis is to recruit students of UI quality. "We're not doing commercialization, because the pressure is looking for qualified students, in order to UI 200 universities into world-class," he said.


According to Dr. educational observers. H.M. Didi Turmudzi, M. Si, maps incoming PTN competition in the cheap route, indeed could not be more difficult dielakan. "This is, not separated from the application of the Law Legal Education since 1 January 2009," he said.

These rules, says Didi, operational (PTN only 20% is borne by the government. "Condition and this policy, forcing the state university to find a way to find sources of funding. One way is to open a path independent revenue," says Didi.

Didi explained, the funds from the path of self acceptance PTN clearly necessary to continue to fix itself, in order to meet the qualifications of the ideal in terms of managerial, human resource quality, and fasilitas.PR

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